“Come take the humorous ride with the Baldwin family as the rich, snobby children of tyrant,

Johnnie Mae, comedy’s Drama Mama, plan a birthday party for their impossible to please mother.”

Date:        Saturday, November 15, 2014             |          Time:         House opens @ 6:30p
                                                                                                                Showtime starts promptly @ 7:30p

Venue:      Cornerstone Theatre    |    14314 Walters Road, Houston, TX 77014
Tickets:  $20 Adult    |    $10 Youth (ages 6-12)    |    No children under 6 please!

Phone:      1-866-261-7911    |    E-mail:   info@athisfeetproductions.net    |    Vendors:  Playbill Advertising and Vendor Booths Available!

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